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Chapter Scholars Initiative Program

Think of the Scholars Initiative as "extreme mentoring" offering an in-depth level of training and mentoring for each participating Scholar. The Scholar's Initiative is ideally suited for Chapter members looking to take their professional skills to the next level and to raise the fundraising performance of their organization. The Scholars Initiative runs from March through December. 

Who is Eligible 

Selected Scholars must have worked in a development position for a minimum of one year, and in their current position for at least one year. An eligible candidate must have been a member of the Chapter for at least eight months. Scholars must agree to participate in all of the Chapter's monthly luncheons, scheduled workshops and audio conferences. Each Scholar will set specific goals, professional and organizational, to achieve by the end of 2010. It is expected that each Scholar's supervisor and a key volunteer attend at least one of the Chapter's luncheons and that the organization fully support the Scholar's participation, including payment of the Initiative's $250 fee.

Benefits to You 

Working closely with a senior AFP and Chapter mentor, Scholars will improve their abilities and effectiveness by focusing on specific skill development needed to get to the next level of professional expertise in fundraising. Scholars will increase their confidence in their roles and receive greater support from their organization's leadership and volunteers. Additionally, Scholars will broaden their network of professional support available in the future.

Benefits to Your Organization 

Scholars will produce greater results for their organizations by setting specific goals, professional and organizational, to achieve by the end of 2010. The Scholars and their mentors work throughout the year to meet milestones and work through challenges. Organizations will see increased community visibility and achieve higher goals in fundraising and volunteer involvement.

Mentor: No Fee
Mentee/Scholar: $250 paid by agency (AFP Members Only)

To apply:

Application Information Coming Soon!