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AFP SVC Webinars

Join us for an Audio Conference on an array of fundraising topics! AFP IHQ Audio Conferences are offered to members for $20 and non-members for $40. The previously-recorded web/audio conferences can be accessed via YouTube. On the scheduled date you will receive an email with the private link to the presentation and will have two weeks to access it.  The recording is approximate 1 hour and each conference provides an opportunity to earn 1 point toward your CFRE.

2017-2018 Schedule

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 – The Use of Virtual Reality in Fundraising

What is Virtual Reality, exactly? How did it help UNICEF raise 3.8 Billion Dollars? How are organizations using VR to raise awareness and do community engagement?  Join us to learn what VR's future could mean to the non-profit work we do. Learn the basics of VR formats, how VR can be used for fundraising and engagement and details of Across the Line and Planned Parenthood's partnership and outcomes thus far.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – Getting to Know You: Donor Surveys for the Win! 

Pop quiz, fundraising friend. Which programs at your organization are your donors most passionate about? What motivates your supporters to give to you? Do your donors feel cared for and appreciated enough to give again?  If you don't know then this webinar is made for you. Donor surveys are the best tool to learn your donors' interests, deepen their relationship with your organization, and show them how much you value their opinions. All priceless information that can help you improve your fundraising results.  Not sure how to do a survey? You will after this webinar! From crafting questions to choosing a delivery method, Shanon will teach you the know-how you need to create and send a donor survey. Learn how surveys help you raise more money, how to craft and select the best survey questions, when to send a survey online or by mail, how to communicate survey results to donors and how to use survey data to improve your fundraising program.

Monday, July 31, 2017 – Rock It! How to Be a Great Manager and a Fundraiser at the Same Time 

Does this sound like you? You have a team that needs your input support and leadership but you have ambitious fundraising goals you need to meet.  You're on the road and on the go and there doesn't seem to be enough time to focus on your team AND focus on your goals. You hate feeling like you have to make a choice between your staff or your individual goals. Well you don't have to anymore! Learn common pitfalls stopping you from managing effectively and how to avoid them, strategies to help you manage your team effectively and keep your sanity, how to structure your time so that the work gets done, and how to hit your goals while staying connected to your team.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 – What Does Your Employer Want? Aligning the Boss's Expectations with the Realities of Fundraising

The hot topic for the last few years has been a "culture of philanthropy" and how organizations must have a culture of philanthropy to be sustainable but most don't have it.  Rather than reaching for the stars, how about we start with expectations. CEOs, Executive Directors, Boards of Directors, all have ideas of what the Development Department and/or fundraiser is supposed to be doing.  Do you know what they want?  Is it even realistic?  Does change need to happen?  Join us for a look at what some top leaders had to say and learn how it impacts you, your career and your organization.  The session will end with a discussion on how to educate employers on the role fundraising should play in their organization, how to manage expectations, and how to communicate to employers what it is that fundraisers need to carry out their jobs effectively. You will understand what nonprofit leaders and decision-makers think about the fundraising profession and the role of development departments in their organizations; learn the key skills and attributes decision-makers are looking for when making hiring decisions and what they want fundraisers to accomplish once they are hired; discover what nonprofit CEOs think about fundraiser turnover and what they are doing to address it in their organizations; find out how to educate nonprofit employers so that their expectations align with the realities of the fundraising profession; and learn how to market fundraising within the organization.

Monday, January 8, 2018 – Why today's Tactics Won't Work with Tomorrow's Donors

In this session, we’ll drill into charitable data such as the Giving USA numbers and other recent research to better understand the trends effecting donors and fundraisers. And we’ll see how those trends will demand new tactics if fundraisers are to connect with donors in the future and secure funding to propel their organization’s mission. You will learn how to better understand the factors that shape giving: demographic, economic, and socio-political; how to adapt fundraising practices as donors’ behavior changes; and to participate in the movement that is attempting to elevate charitable giving above 2.1% of GDP.